Approaches: Future Models in Wholesale Banking (part 1)

Part 1: Macro Business Models In an environment of shrinking margins, capital and liquidity constraints, and efficiency challenges, banks are rethinking their wholesale banking operating model. We see four distinct models emerging, centred around: (1) global universal banking, (2) global investment banking & wealth management, (3) a blend of electronic and high margin business, and (4) regional […]

Tricumen Approaches: The Bank of the Future

The Bank of the Future New regulations and tighter margins have depressed ‘typical’ wholesale banking pre-tax RoE to about 19%; the outlook is not optimistic. In our view, future leaders will operate a new wholesale banking model, one which utilises hitherto neglected synergies between the ‘traditional’ capital markets operations with other areas of the bank; […]

Tricumen Approaches: Corporate Coverage

Corporate Coverage: In this document we examine some generic models used by banks in the coverage of corporate clients.  Contact us for more details and data on the specific models used by individual banks and their effectiveness. The Tricumen Approaches series provides high level insights into issues such as: how banks organise themselves for a […]