Tricumen provides analysis on the top tier investment banks, commercial banks custodian banks, asset managers and wealth managers covering:

• Numerical Data (+/-10% error margin)
• Product and client revenues
• Operating Expenses
• Headcount
• RWA, VaR / Capital
7 Regional and 26 country dataset provided where meaningful

• Organisational Data
• Management reporting lines (including support groups)
• Legal entity structures
• Physical structures – regions, countries, cities, buildings

• Qualitative Data
• Strategy/Focus
• Business model / working practices
• Technology
• Trend dynamics

Engagements are either to meet the one-off needs of a client or to supply data on an ongoing basis

In the past studies have focused on areas such as: European Banking Coverage Models,
Fixed Income Corporate Derivatives, Electronic Trading, Asian Equity Derivatives,
Global Custody, Group Treasury Management, Global Loan Operations