Client Partners

From time to time we seek new partners to join the firm.  Partnership positions typically involve the coverage of a core client or a specific client segment.  As partnership positions come with a stake in one of the firm’s legal entities we are highly selective in who we ask to join us.  We seek a blend of in-depth experience, intellectual curiosity, entrepreneurial spirit and a collaborative, non-hierarchical approach.

Research Partners

We regularly offer contract positions to people able to carry out research into specific financial institutions and/or markets across the world to support specific projects.  Our research partners tend to be people who like carrying out telephone or face to face based interviews with bankers, salespeople and traders across a range of seniorities.  Most have VP level experience at a bank or an excellent understanding of at least one product area.  High ethical standards are important.  Many of those who work with us do so on a part time basis.


We are often able to provide internship positions lasting up to two weeks for post graduate students.  Preference is given to those with some banking experience, but in return we offer an advice for those seeking to enter the financial services, including briefing for specific job interviews.